Mother’s Day ideas…


Mother’s Day is only around the corner, and with a wide choice of things to buy, people including myself can get stuck for ideas for their wonderful mamma’s on their special day.

Not only are there thousands of options on the market, price can also play a huge part. Who doesn’t want the best for their mamma on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day for me this year is already an expensive one before I have even thought about cards and gifts for my mother or mother-in law… No, this is not because I want massive presents for myself, but if the hubby does get me something nice and pretty **cough cough.. An engagement ring** I wouldn’t mind very much 🙂


My Mother’s Day will be spent with my little angel as its his birthday on this day too 🙂 I’m sure daddy will be too busy looking after his two favourite people to feel left out.

As all our funds that we would normally use to treat our parents will be used for the lil mans birthday this year I have decided to make some homemade gifts this year. I know they won’t be as amazing as stuff you can buy in the shops but there will have deffinately been a lot of thought and time gone into them.

I’m thinking of making some homemade candles ( I like to use small cow and gate baby jars as these a re a lovely size and look very pretty with a ribbon attached.
A friend of mine has an awesome recipe for Asian chilli jam ( her blog is awesome -www.coffee-and-cakes.co.uk make sure to take a look.) which I am going to make and put in a little wicker basket filled with assorted crackers and cheese and maybe a lovely bottle of wine to go with it.

My little man will be making some personalised cards for his grandma’s too and I feel they will love these much better as it will show his personality and the beginning of his artistic flare 🙂

Once I have completed my presents I will add some photos for you to see, and of course I shall let you know if I have survived the pirate birthday party… This consists of a bunch of hyper children between 6 months and 11 years old 😯

Wish me luck and happy Mother’s Day

Xx ❤ xX


Desk drawer must have…


These babies are going to be my lifeline for the next couple of months. Not only are they filling but they are perfect for sticking in your bag to take to work.

Rather than grabbing the nearest thing to me in the shop in a morning (no matter how much my evil alter ego is screaming at me that I need it) I will be prepared for the dreaded hunger pangs with a drawer load of these packed away in my desk at work.

Mugshots are quite well known amongst the slimming groups as they are low cal and on certain groups you can eat them whenever wherever..may I add as part of a healthy balanced diet. I also come prepared with fruit to snack on too 🙂

They are really easy to make just add hot water, give it a bit of a stir and wait five minutes and your ready to go.

My cupboards are stocked up at home too so while the hubby will most likely be having a BLT with heaps of full fat mayo I will be sat content with my mugshots.

See I can be good… Who said this healthy eating malarky had to be hard work?
… To be continued

Xx ❤ xX


Operation Skinny-Minnie

What a start to 2013…

Nearly two months in and I have been asked to be Fairy Godmother to not one but 2 beautiful little angels 🙂 I was over the moon when i was asked and shouted yes straight away without breathing, quite possibly making me look a little crazy. (Im quite suprised that the trusting Parents of my two soon to be God Sons didn’t run of and say ‘sorry?,  christening.. godparent? we don’t know what your talking about’)

After the excitement had passed slightly I then noticed other feelings sufacing. Panic and Fear, heat and sweat building up slowly but surely (is that smell me?) What on earth was i supposed to wear? I hear you all saying a dress of course. However me in a dress at this moment in time would resemble Gloria the Hippo from Madagascar being mistaken for my Identical twin.


You see after having an emergency Cesarean Section almost two years ago I seem to have been left with a permenant wobble which seems to have made itself quite at home. I wasn’t one of those fortunate new mums who seem to whip back into shape as if all they have been carrying around with them for the past 9 months is a cushion from Dunelm which is gradually increased in size as time goes on. No, my body was not Kind enough for that instead the wobble stayed.

So i have made it my plan to take up my Pilates again and eat healthily, and hopefully within the next 2/3 months I shall be able to get into that dress without looking like I will be about to Pop at any minute.


I will most likely update on my new found healthy foods and how rubbish my strength and core muscles are along the way. However one thing I cannot live without would be my Coffee… as long as I get my daily requirement all is well in FunkyMamma’s World.

I’m Quite sure the hubby and the lil’ man will appreciate mummy cooking some good meals too.

Xx ❤ xX


Is that really necessary??

After a busy day I was quite excited to get into bed early and have a good nights sleep…

So after drifting off to the land of nod I was bit annoyed to be awoken at some ungodly hour in the morning to some strange intruder jumping up and down on the bed bellowing on about 3d tv’s (it was to early to notice I didn’t own a 3d tv) and some thing about a built on camera… There was also muffles about old games thrown in there during a huff and puff, but what really snapped me into focus was… Pretty please can we get one!!!

‘Get one, one of WHAT?? What do you want??’

Why would an intruder be trying to ask me for things instead of taking my belongings downstairs and out the door??

Focusing my eyes in the darkness I noticed that it wasn’t in fact an intruder but a very extremely excited fully grown baby daddy disturbing me from my sleep to inform me of the ‘brilliant’ (as he put it’) release at the first look playstation 4…

What kind of insensitive person does this.. After telling him what I thought about his ‘brilliant’ PS4 release I finally went back to sleep, as he was still mumbling on to himself.

As payback this morning while he was still snoozing away I kindly left my phone on the pillow next to his head and set a lovely alarm for him…

Lets see how he likes those apples 😉

Xx ❤xX


Birthday countdown

Almost two years ago the most precious angel came Into my life and changed my life completely 🙂

Since Christmas he has gained a set of horns (i’m guessing Santa popped them in with his presents) and has developed into a wonderful cheeky happy go lucky loving little boy.

As I’m sure everyone will be aware like most children at this age, he now likes to get his hands on everything, from the Xbox pad to the remote control and even taking over my iPhone. (Yes it is already filled with peppa pig this and Thomas the tank engine that..)
So after much thought and by this I mean getting my much loved iPhone back we are going to get a tablet pc obviously which we can all use (if the mini man doesn’t decide to hide it/take it to bed/under the pillow etc…

We even tried him with the fake iPad tablet and as he couldn’t slide the screen he kind of guessed it isn’t the real deal and it is now collecting dust nicely in the corner.

My question to you my dear ones is which one would be best… There are so many to choose from that it makes my eyes water just thinking about them..

Also it doesn’t have to be top of the range, as long as it is able to connect to wifi then I’m sure we will be happy campers 🙂