Is that really necessary??

After a busy day I was quite excited to get into bed early and have a good nights sleep…

So after drifting off to the land of nod I was bit annoyed to be awoken at some ungodly hour in the morning to some strange intruder jumping up and down on the bed bellowing on about 3d tv’s (it was to early to notice I didn’t own a 3d tv) and some thing about a built on camera… There was also muffles about old games thrown in there during a huff and puff, but what really snapped me into focus was… Pretty please can we get one!!!

‘Get one, one of WHAT?? What do you want??’

Why would an intruder be trying to ask me for things instead of taking my belongings downstairs and out the door??

Focusing my eyes in the darkness I noticed that it wasn’t in fact an intruder but a very extremely excited fully grown baby daddy disturbing me from my sleep to inform me of the ‘brilliant’ (as he put it’) release at the first look playstation 4…

What kind of insensitive person does this.. After telling him what I thought about his ‘brilliant’ PS4 release I finally went back to sleep, as he was still mumbling on to himself.

As payback this morning while he was still snoozing away I kindly left my phone on the pillow next to his head and set a lovely alarm for him…

Lets see how he likes those apples 😉

Xx ❤xX


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