Operation Skinny-Minnie

What a start to 2013…

Nearly two months in and I have been asked to be Fairy Godmother to not one but 2 beautiful little angels 🙂 I was over the moon when i was asked and shouted yes straight away without breathing, quite possibly making me look a little crazy. (Im quite suprised that the trusting Parents of my two soon to be God Sons didn’t run of and say ‘sorry?,  christening.. godparent? we don’t know what your talking about’)

After the excitement had passed slightly I then noticed other feelings sufacing. Panic and Fear, heat and sweat building up slowly but surely (is that smell me?) What on earth was i supposed to wear? I hear you all saying a dress of course. However me in a dress at this moment in time would resemble Gloria the Hippo from Madagascar being mistaken for my Identical twin.


You see after having an emergency Cesarean Section almost two years ago I seem to have been left with a permenant wobble which seems to have made itself quite at home. I wasn’t one of those fortunate new mums who seem to whip back into shape as if all they have been carrying around with them for the past 9 months is a cushion from Dunelm which is gradually increased in size as time goes on. No, my body was not Kind enough for that instead the wobble stayed.

So i have made it my plan to take up my Pilates again and eat healthily, and hopefully within the next 2/3 months I shall be able to get into that dress without looking like I will be about to Pop at any minute.


I will most likely update on my new found healthy foods and how rubbish my strength and core muscles are along the way. However one thing I cannot live without would be my Coffee… as long as I get my daily requirement all is well in FunkyMamma’s World.

I’m Quite sure the hubby and the lil’ man will appreciate mummy cooking some good meals too.

Xx ❤ xX


I would love to hear your comments and I do read them all.

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