Desk drawer must have…


These babies are going to be my lifeline for the next couple of months. Not only are they filling but they are perfect for sticking in your bag to take to work.

Rather than grabbing the nearest thing to me in the shop in a morning (no matter how much my evil alter ego is screaming at me that I need it) I will be prepared for the dreaded hunger pangs with a drawer load of these packed away in my desk at work.

Mugshots are quite well known amongst the slimming groups as they are low cal and on certain groups you can eat them whenever wherever..may I add as part of a healthy balanced diet. I also come prepared with fruit to snack on too 🙂

They are really easy to make just add hot water, give it a bit of a stir and wait five minutes and your ready to go.

My cupboards are stocked up at home too so while the hubby will most likely be having a BLT with heaps of full fat mayo I will be sat content with my mugshots.

See I can be good… Who said this healthy eating malarky had to be hard work?
… To be continued

Xx ❤ xX


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