Florence Nightingale to the rescue.

Well I’m 2 boys down today. The big man and little man are Both now poorly sick 😦

There must be something doing the rounds as its not like both of them to be ill, especially seeing as the big man is never poorly. I think he has only been to the doctors once in all the years we have been together.

So for the foreseeable future, I’m on nurse duties to supply them both with lots of cuddles and answer their demands. I’m sure daddy likes asking me to do things a little too much and I’m sure he is starting to take advantage of my sympathy and kindness. I may let this pass just until he is better and decide how to get my own back 😉

Get well soon boys, mummy loves you both lots and lots.



Mummy’s little trooper

Every Parent knows when their child is becoming poorly. It can be the look in their eyes, or they sometimes become quiet, and possibly distance themselves from what they would normally find enjoyable. I can tell straight away when the Little man is starting to come down with something as he becomes extremely clingy towards me, when normally his firm favorite of the two is his Daddy. Even though I am quite sure mummy cuddles are better than daddy cuddles all the time. 🙂

After arriving at work yesterday I received an email from daddy dearest to tell me that the little man was indeed poorly and his symptoms were worsening as the morning went on. It took all the little mans energy to smile. 😦
I left work straight away to see my little man and to try to book him an appointment with the doctors as soon as I could. Last time the little man was poorly like this was when he was 9 months old. He was chesty and then a few hours later his symptoms had drastically gone from bad to worse resulting in a case of bronchilitis, this then resulting in the little man having to have a course of steroids and an inhaler until his symptoms has subsided.

I arrived home to be greeted by not only my big and little man but also my Dad and my sister. As soon as my Dad had found out that the little man was not well he came straight to ours to check on him. It’s a good thing he did too as he wasn’t letting daddy take him downstairs or move him from our bed… that is until Granddad arrived and he clung to him, cuddling granddad as he took him downstairs and they both settled on the sofa under the quilts watching cartoons.

I managed to get an appointment for the little man later on in the afternoon. As time passed he seemed to be acting more like himself, trying to cause mischief and be cheeky even though you could see in his eyes that it hurt him to do so. It actually felt very similar to the Calpol advert when the children go on a mission of destruction once the medicine has kicked in.

Jacob didn’t seem to like being examined by the doctor, he was fine playing and walking around people in the waiting room but as soon as he was in the Doctor’s room the crying started and loud cries of NO!! NO!! NO!!, Mamma NO!!. After a lot of “Shhh its ok, you see Doc Mcstuffins do this all the time to her toys, it’s just the same”. The little man just looked at me as if to say “do I look like a fluffy bear that has lost his spots?”
Eventually he settled and allowed the Doctor to do his stuff, resulting in 2 prescriptions, entitling us to a bottle of Paracetamol and a steroid inhaler.

The Diagnosis: one very bad chest and a nasty cough clinging on for the ride. Cure: lots and lots of mummy and Daddy cuddles with a bit of medicine along the way… With some sleepless nights thrown in there especially for mummy and daddy.



Potty Time…??

The time has arrived where we are going to start introducing the Potty to the little man.
For months he has woken up dry every morning and seems to know when he is ready to go about his business as he has his own little area that he goes to in the front room.

We have brought his potty into the front room so he can get used to sitting on it. The potty is technically older than the little man, as my big sister couldn’t resist buying the fire engine potty when I was only 4 months pregnant.

At first he looked at it a bit suspiciously but every now and again he will go and sit there. I think the wonder and amazement of something new to examine and play with has made him want to try it out.

I’m still not 100% sure he is ready to sit there and do his business just yet, but we won’t know until we try the little man on the big boy seat.

How did you know when your little one was ready?

I’m sure it will all be trial and error. Hopefully he will take to it well. If not we shall have all the essentials for accidents to hand 🙂



“I told you.. No!”

“Splish Splash, Splosh”

Bubbles and toys were swaying around the bath as if a whirlpool was taking place, Water was everywhere, and daddy was being soaked in the process.

The little man loves bath time and it’s harder to get him out of the bath than it is to get him in. This normally consists of us allowing the water to drain completely before the little man will even think about letting you attempt to free him from the tub.

After he has been fully washed we let him play for a while with his bath toys, just long enough before he turns into a baby prune 🙂

Daddy decided to get payback and splash the little man. Taking one of his rubber duckies, daddy filled it with water and then proceeded to squirt it. Much to the little mans protests of No, daddy, no.. Daddy continued to splash the little man.

There were squeals of excitement as the little man tried to escape the squirting duck, realising there was no escape, the protests of no daddy no continued and then the little man stopped trying to swim free, looked straight into his daddies eyes and put on his serious face and said very maturely “I told you no!!”

We couldn’t help but laugh, my boys are like 2 peas in a pod. They copy each other with their actions an facial expressions, it’s fascinating. It always reminds me of The Jungle Book with mougli and baloo. I’ve said it before and I am positive I will say it thousands more, my boys never fail to make me smile. They are what you would refer to as the terrible twosome. They are always up to mischief together and I wouldn’t change them both for anything… Ever, ever ever!!!

Bring on the hormonal arguments between them both in years to come 🙂



Health Kick restarted

I have been extremely naughty so far this year. Again, like last year I always promise myself I will be good, go to the gym and eat well to try and obtain my pre-baby body. I have been telling myself this since the little man arrived. It all starts off great but one way or another the plan never stays in place. 😦

It’s fair to say I have very little will power. I am hoping that by putting my gain’s and losses’ out there it may keep me on track and tame me a little bit.

Work seems to be where this affects me the most, the temptation is too strong to try and hold back from the vending machine and the shop downstairs. Not to mention the wonderful buffet’s that we have at work for special occasions and birthdays. So Far there have been TWO buffet’s in the same number of weeks and they both included CAKE. Who would be able to resist cake, placed perfectly in front of you saying Eat me, you know i’m good for you really? I know I definitely can’t.

All this needs to change however, and fast. I have Just over six weeks to look less frumpy for my First lot of Godmotherly duties. I now plan to go straight back on the healthy eating kick and become addicted to Pilates once again…

Oh and please someone remove that CAKE from my line of vision. What are you trying to do to me 😉

Xx ❤ xX


Grandad on speedial…

It’s true what they say.
Babies don’t stay babies for long. As much as I love the little man learning new things and seeing him grow, there are times I wish I could stop time just for a little while.


The little man has recently taken a liking to having a chat with his grandad on the phone. Not only that my little angel (if I should call him angel) has recently figured out how to face time people too, and dialling people I don’t even know leaving me to answer the questions of how I obtained their number 🙂

He amazes me everyday in everything he does. One thing will never change, he will always be my baby no matter how fast and big he grows.



Choo choo.. Train coming through.

A whole week has gone by since the little man’s 2nd birthday. Out of all the presents he was bought it looks like he has his firm favourites.

Honestly, my house is like Aladdin’s cave. There are toys in every single room of our house and quite soon I’m sure we will run out of room for them all. It’s very much the same as gringotts bank in Harry potter and the deathly hallows when everything in the vault multiplies.. Not a day goes by when mummy and daddy don’t damage their toes on these wonderful inventions that bring our boy so much fun and joy.


Jacob loves anything to do with trains and cars. He hasn’t put this down since his auntie gave it to him for his birthday.It’s perfect for travelling with too. There is a small compartment at the back to store the 12 figures that you get with the set along with a plastic playmat designed with railway tracks to play on.


This set is sold for a great price to, especially the amount of play your child will get from it. I’m sure he will have every full Thomas the tank engine set ever sold completed in no time the way his collections are going 🙂