Lil’ man’s first haircut…

Do you remember the feeling taking your child for their first haircut?

Me and Daddy took the Lil’ man for his first haircut today. We went prepared by making sure we had packed some toys, snacks and my beloved Iphone which the lil’ man seems to have decided that as this belongs to our house, then it must be his and he shall play with it as and when he pleases.. (but mummy why does it have to have a password when i want to spend all our money in the App store?)

We had no idea how he would take to having his hair cut for the first time. I must admit I had visions of him throwing himself on the floor and screaming down the place.. Your imaging that type of tantrum now aren’t you?
My vision of my soon to be son’s tantrum was worsened by the 4 people patiently waiting in the barbers for their turn with the clippers. Not only did my baby wait patiently for his turn, he also decided to entertain the customers by talking and giggling away to everyone.

The barbers which we took him to was amazing. They have a car chair seat complete with a wall mounted TV for the children to watch. He spent the entire time watching cartoons and playing with the car to be bothered with the fuss of someone cutting off his curls.


Lil’ man absolutely loved his day at the barbers. He so well behaved. We will deffinately be using this particular barbers again, even daddy decided to have a hair cut. 🙂
Next time I think daddy and lil’ man will be able to venture together on there own as I did feel a little odd (more than usual) being the only female in the shop. It was more like and father and son outing.


I made sure I didn’t leave without getting some curls though. I’m going to seal the hair by melting a little wax and dipping the root into the wax so that it sets around his curls and this will go into his keepsake box 🙂

As little man behaved like a little angel we bought him the new make and bake with peppa pig set and subscribed to there fortnightly magazines. Most likely tomorrow will consist of baking lots and lots of Peppa’s butterfly cakes, and I can’t wait.
Weekends with my boys are amazing and I wouldn’t change them for the world.

Xx ❤ xX


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