Big sis to the rescue…

Sundays are best spent with family. I’m a strong believer that if you can have your family around you, take advantage of this as much as possible. You never know when they will come In handy.

Fortunately for me my sister lives on the same street, the parents and the in-laws are also only up the road too.


I’m sure my sister didn’t realise I would be taking advantage of her to the extreme today. My sister religiously makes an appearance at mine over the weekend and vice versa for a good old cup of coffee and a chin wag.
Today however, after my sister had gone back home by car, (yes she drove about a minute by car…she’s very lazy 😉 ) I decided to get all of my stuff ready for the week ahead and grab a quick bath while the boys were busy on the Xbox.

At this point I was quite looking forward to a nice relaxing soak when I found that the hot tap had gone… How is one supposed to have a bath without a hot tap? I put my quick thinking cap on and called the sis. She is such a love, she kindly loaned me the use if her shower and supplied me with coffee and biscuits 🙂

I am extremely fortunate to only have her live at the bottom of the street. I’m expecting some bin bags at my door this week for me to put into the dryer as payment.. Which I will happily dry until my tap is fixed.

Xx ❤ xX


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