Daddy’s a little rule breaker

This afternoon I made a quick phone call home to check my two boys were ok. Jacob decided he would be a little monster for daddy yesterday before I got home so I thought I would check if his little horns had receded 🙂

Just after Christmas it was like Santa had given our little angel horns for Christmas. He was acting so out if character, crying all the time an refusing to go to bed, this was so unlike him. he’s always loved his sleep ever since he was born and he always enjoyed going to bed and he never had any problems falling asleep on his own.

The little man was extremely poorly after birth. He was taken to the special care baby unit and treated with strong antibiotics for meningitis for the next 12 days. Fortunately all his tests came back clear and he wasn’t left with any long term illness or developmental problems.

With this is mind I am extremely over cautious when it comes to his well being and I never hesitate to seek medical advice if it seems there is something wrong. I thought his change of behaviour must be due to an ear infection or getting his final teeth through. This was not the case, the diagnosis was in fact a classic case of the terrible two’s starting early and the doctors thought it was fascinating how he was playing up like a four year old.

So we persisted with the tantrums, telling him no etc,which fortunately seems to disappear after a week… Until now.
The little man has decided to try his luck at seeing how far he can push his daddy and when daddy says no, he then makes daddy laugh. The little man undoubtably understands the word no but seems that he wants to turn this into a game with daddy and by the time mummy arrives home he turns back into a little angel.
It seems Jacob is aware that I mean business where as with daddy he wants it all to be fun. Mummy has always been the one for cuddles where as daddy has always been the one he goes to for a Mess around.

I don’t really mind as long as he is aware when one of us tells him no and he listens as I believe children should be children for as long as possible and they will act up sometimes and see what they can get away with.
He’s been quite well behaved today but that may have something to do with daddy giving him one of his birthday presents early… I think daddy will be going on the naughty step later for this 😉

Daddy’s just a little rule breaker and it looks like little man is set to follow. A right terrible twosome they will make too. They have such a strong bond it melts my heart… Maybe one day I will be invited into there boys club 🙂

Hopefully these temper tantrums last less than last time and he will be all angelic again for his birthday party this weekend.



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