Party time countdown…

It’s the final countdown… I can’t tell you how I am likely to feel this time tomorrow, stressed, tired maybe or my house looking like it hasn’t been cleaned in a long while.

All this will be worth it just seeing the look on the little mans face tomorrow…. it’s party time….


My house shall be known as Captain Jacob’s voyage tomorrow. Filled with lots of little people running wild and having the time of their lives. All the party bags are done, the buffet is ready to be prepared and the cakes have been made.

I am grateful to all my wonderful family and friends who have all helped plan his birthday party. Without them I most likely would have lost my marbles trying to get everything together. Take a look at these wonderful cakes that my wonderful friend so kindly made…


I’m extremely excited about tomorrow, so much so I may not sleep tonight.. Anyone would think it was me turning two 🙂



I would love to hear your comments and I do read them all.

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