Happy Birthday little man…..

Happy Birthday Little man…..

What a weekend. I’m not going to lie, it’s been non stop and i’m pooped but it was worth every second.
This time two years ago the big man would have been wheeling me down to the special care unit to see our beautiful bundle of Joy. Thursday 10th March 2011 was the happiest day of my life and I dont think anything else will ever come close to me being a Mummy to the most perfect little boy in the world.

Its amazing how fast time goes. Its still surreal that my little angel is now TWO. I only hope that he stays a child for as long as possible and doesn’t want to grow up too quickly. He has grown and developed so much and me and daddy are extremely proud of him.

Jacob’s party went without a hitch, all the little people were having a wonderful time playing at the play group. We had arranged that we would have about and hours play before returning to ours for some party food and cake. I think all in all we stayed for more than two hours as the kiddies were having to much fun. They all looked like they would have a great nights sleep for their mummy and daddy’s when they got home so I would like to think that was a job well done on our part.

The fun didn’t end there for the little man… This morning when he woke up he had lots and lots of presents waiting for him downstairs. (we stayed strong and resisted the urge to let him open them yesterday.) And he got spoilt rotten, It was as if santa had come down the chimney and gave him all his christmas presents early, and he hasnt stopped playing with them all day. His favourites seem to be his Thomas the tank engine set and his Ninky-nonk that his aunties bought him. Most importantly I loved having all the people that mean the most to us joining in to celebrate his special day.

I also got spoilt on this lovely day as it is mother’s day too. My little man showered me with lots of cuddles and he has been as good as gold all day.. here’s hoping his terrible two’s came and went after chritsmas. I recieved a lovely mummy necklace and a lovely card. The big man has also cooked me a lovely meal for the occasion too.

I love my little family. They mean more to me than anything.
I hope all you yummy mummy’s also had a lovely day too.


Xx ❤ xX


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