Duvet Days…

My ‘totally forgotten about’ day off seems to have disappeared before my eyes. Before I know it I’ll be all tucked up in bed ready to start work again for tomorrow. Needless to say we didn’t manage to get around to doing the activities we had planned. 😦

The Lil man seems to be coming down with something, maybe a cold or the last of his teeth coming through as he has been quite grouchy all day and nothing seems to be pleasing him. Cuddles with mummy and daddy do the trick for about half and hour but then he gets grouchy with these too. He doesn’t have a temperature or anything at the moment so hopefully it will pass quickly for him.

The bestest came around today with her Lil man. This seemed to cheer Jacob up slightly. His delight didn’t last long and he was back to being grouchy again. Of course when Jacob got upset this the set the baby off and they then spent a good 15 minutes shouting/crying at each other.
Isn’t amazing how babies communicate and copy each other from such and early age.

We didn’t get around to making any of his ‘make & bake’ with peppa pig cakes, but as soon as he is feeling more like himself we shall make these wonderful treats. Once everyone had left we decided to spend the remainder of the day on the couch watching films, tinkerbell and the lost treasure, Tangled and Finding Nemo are his Favourites at the moment.

Now the little man has been bathed (and also flooded the whole bathroom in the process) and is settling down for bed. Hopefully he doesn’t have a bad night as there is nothing more upsetting than a parent not being able to help when their child is unwell.
Come on Final teeth… Hurry up and come out and stop hurting my baby.

Xx ❤ xX


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