A weeks supply of coffee needed please

Hello Panda eyes!!!

No matter what the adverts say, no amount of concealer would hide my bags today, I may even need to pay extra for transport fees for these bad boys…. Why won’t a concealer work for ME? I want to have nice refreshed looking eyes once in a while too you know.

Today it seems i will be functioning on a whole 2.5 hours sleep. (This should be heaps of fun at work ) This isn’t down to me being a rock ‘n’ roll mum, I can honestly say I love being tucked up in bed by 10.30 on a school night. This doesn’t get much later on a weekend either I’m afraid 🙂

The little man hasn’t been to well all yesterday and last night 😦 He seemed to settle into bed eventually after a couple of tantrums. Normally when he falls asleep at night that’s it, not a peep out of him until the morning. However this was not meant to be.

You remember the film gremlins? Everyone remembers the gremlins… Well this is exactly what the little one was like after his crying had subsided and the calpol had kicked in at 1am this morning. Luckily I don’t have fan fixture on my ceiling as I’m sure last night he would have been swinging from it.

I then decided to put a film on to see if this would settle him. Ice age seemed like good choice and it was (go mummy). As I sat and watched manni, Dieago and Sid the sloth on their quite funny adventure, the little man seemed to be calming a little.

Not wanting to disturb him just yet we watched the remainder of the film, little man looking all angelic as if the reason we were downstairs watching tele at this time was all my idea, and me looking very much like the beast that had been rudely awoken on the old Kellogg’s advert.

Once the film had finished it was 4.30am. I took him to bed and he fell asleep straight away and was still snoozing when I left for work. I managed to close my eyes for about 15-20mins and then I had to get ready for work.

I plan that today should mostly consist of lots and lots of strong coffee and hopefully a little bit of work completed… Unless someone finds me asleep at my desk..

The countdown is now on until 4.30pm.




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