Who doesn’t love chocolate?

easter-bunny-2This year is really flying by isnt it? I can’t quite believe that we are almost halfway through march!!!
They do say time fly’s when you are having fun 🙂

With this in mind, Easter is only around the corner. I have promised myself that I will be exceptionally good this year, I aim to stay clear of those delicious chocoloately shaped eggs and the even tastier Malteaser Easter Bunnies. If anybody kindly buy’s me any of the above then these will be kindly donated to the Big man.

I love chocolate and really enjoy having it in my life, who doesn’t? However I have not one but two christenings to attend this year, where I will be Godmother at both and I would love to find a pretty summer dress that will fit nice.

For those of you who will be celebrating Easter in style Please have a look at http://www.coffee-and-cakes.co.uk My friend Ashley has some lovely recipe’s on here, which are great for all the family. I have personally tried her baking and mouth wateringly good doesn’t even come close.

Rumour has it there may even be an Easter competition shortly on her Blog. Make sure you check this out over the weekend to be in with a chance to Win.

Xx ❤ xX


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