Quote of the day…

Children say the funniest and most cutest things. Sometimes you want to laugh so hard you find you have to walk out of the room if they have said something they shouldn’t have.

The little man’s coming out with new things all the time at the moment and it fills my heart with joy watching him learn new words 🙂

When the little man is upstairs we always have the baby gate closed in his room even though we are only in the room next to him. This is the downside of having stairs in the middle of the house with an extremely small landing, and I don’t like the idea of a baby gate at the top of the stairs. The thought scares the life out of me.

After daddy had been playing choo choo’s with him, he went finishing off cleaning upstairs (you’ve got to love him) not long after Jacob walked into our room and took his daddy’s hand to walk back to his room. When they got to the door the little man looked at daddy and closed his gate on him, looked him straight in the eye and said ‘silly daddy’.

The look of disappointment on his face because daddy had forgotten to close his gate properly was priceless. At least the little man knows his gate should be closed at all times when he’s upstairs 🙂

He melts my heart so much, he’s such a clever little boy.



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