Choo choo.. Train coming through.

A whole week has gone by since the little man’s 2nd birthday. Out of all the presents he was bought it looks like he has his firm favourites.

Honestly, my house is like Aladdin’s cave. There are toys in every single room of our house and quite soon I’m sure we will run out of room for them all. It’s very much the same as gringotts bank in Harry potter and the deathly hallows when everything in the vault multiplies.. Not a day goes by when mummy and daddy don’t damage their toes on these wonderful inventions that bring our boy so much fun and joy.


Jacob loves anything to do with trains and cars. He hasn’t put this down since his auntie gave it to him for his birthday.It’s perfect for travelling with too. There is a small compartment at the back to store the 12 figures that you get with the set along with a plastic playmat designed with railway tracks to play on.


This set is sold for a great price to, especially the amount of play your child will get from it. I’m sure he will have every full Thomas the tank engine set ever sold completed in no time the way his collections are going 🙂



I would love to hear your comments and I do read them all.

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