Health Kick restarted

I have been extremely naughty so far this year. Again, like last year I always promise myself I will be good, go to the gym and eat well to try and obtain my pre-baby body. I have been telling myself this since the little man arrived. It all starts off great but one way or another the plan never stays in place. 😦

It’s fair to say I have very little will power. I am hoping that by putting my gain’s and losses’ out there it may keep me on track and tame me a little bit.

Work seems to be where this affects me the most, the temptation is too strong to try and hold back from the vending machine and the shop downstairs. Not to mention the wonderful buffet’s that we have at work for special occasions and birthdays. So Far there have been TWO buffet’s in the same number of weeks and they both included CAKE. Who would be able to resist cake, placed perfectly in front of you saying Eat me, you know i’m good for you really? I know I definitely can’t.

All this needs to change however, and fast. I have Just over six weeks to look less frumpy for my First lot of Godmotherly duties. I now plan to go straight back on the healthy eating kick and become addicted to Pilates once again…

Oh and please someone remove that CAKE from my line of vision. What are you trying to do to me 😉

Xx ❤ xX


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