“I told you.. No!”

“Splish Splash, Splosh”

Bubbles and toys were swaying around the bath as if a whirlpool was taking place, Water was everywhere, and daddy was being soaked in the process.

The little man loves bath time and it’s harder to get him out of the bath than it is to get him in. This normally consists of us allowing the water to drain completely before the little man will even think about letting you attempt to free him from the tub.

After he has been fully washed we let him play for a while with his bath toys, just long enough before he turns into a baby prune 🙂

Daddy decided to get payback and splash the little man. Taking one of his rubber duckies, daddy filled it with water and then proceeded to squirt it. Much to the little mans protests of No, daddy, no.. Daddy continued to splash the little man.

There were squeals of excitement as the little man tried to escape the squirting duck, realising there was no escape, the protests of no daddy no continued and then the little man stopped trying to swim free, looked straight into his daddies eyes and put on his serious face and said very maturely “I told you no!!”

We couldn’t help but laugh, my boys are like 2 peas in a pod. They copy each other with their actions an facial expressions, it’s fascinating. It always reminds me of The Jungle Book with mougli and baloo. I’ve said it before and I am positive I will say it thousands more, my boys never fail to make me smile. They are what you would refer to as the terrible twosome. They are always up to mischief together and I wouldn’t change them both for anything… Ever, ever ever!!!

Bring on the hormonal arguments between them both in years to come 🙂



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