Potty Time…??

The time has arrived where we are going to start introducing the Potty to the little man.
For months he has woken up dry every morning and seems to know when he is ready to go about his business as he has his own little area that he goes to in the front room.

We have brought his potty into the front room so he can get used to sitting on it. The potty is technically older than the little man, as my big sister couldn’t resist buying the fire engine potty when I was only 4 months pregnant.

At first he looked at it a bit suspiciously but every now and again he will go and sit there. I think the wonder and amazement of something new to examine and play with has made him want to try it out.

I’m still not 100% sure he is ready to sit there and do his business just yet, but we won’t know until we try the little man on the big boy seat.

How did you know when your little one was ready?

I’m sure it will all be trial and error. Hopefully he will take to it well. If not we shall have all the essentials for accidents to hand 🙂



I would love to hear your comments and I do read them all.

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