Mummy’s little trooper

Every Parent knows when their child is becoming poorly. It can be the look in their eyes, or they sometimes become quiet, and possibly distance themselves from what they would normally find enjoyable. I can tell straight away when the Little man is starting to come down with something as he becomes extremely clingy towards me, when normally his firm favorite of the two is his Daddy. Even though I am quite sure mummy cuddles are better than daddy cuddles all the time. 🙂

After arriving at work yesterday I received an email from daddy dearest to tell me that the little man was indeed poorly and his symptoms were worsening as the morning went on. It took all the little mans energy to smile. 😦
I left work straight away to see my little man and to try to book him an appointment with the doctors as soon as I could. Last time the little man was poorly like this was when he was 9 months old. He was chesty and then a few hours later his symptoms had drastically gone from bad to worse resulting in a case of bronchilitis, this then resulting in the little man having to have a course of steroids and an inhaler until his symptoms has subsided.

I arrived home to be greeted by not only my big and little man but also my Dad and my sister. As soon as my Dad had found out that the little man was not well he came straight to ours to check on him. It’s a good thing he did too as he wasn’t letting daddy take him downstairs or move him from our bed… that is until Granddad arrived and he clung to him, cuddling granddad as he took him downstairs and they both settled on the sofa under the quilts watching cartoons.

I managed to get an appointment for the little man later on in the afternoon. As time passed he seemed to be acting more like himself, trying to cause mischief and be cheeky even though you could see in his eyes that it hurt him to do so. It actually felt very similar to the Calpol advert when the children go on a mission of destruction once the medicine has kicked in.

Jacob didn’t seem to like being examined by the doctor, he was fine playing and walking around people in the waiting room but as soon as he was in the Doctor’s room the crying started and loud cries of NO!! NO!! NO!!, Mamma NO!!. After a lot of “Shhh its ok, you see Doc Mcstuffins do this all the time to her toys, it’s just the same”. The little man just looked at me as if to say “do I look like a fluffy bear that has lost his spots?”
Eventually he settled and allowed the Doctor to do his stuff, resulting in 2 prescriptions, entitling us to a bottle of Paracetamol and a steroid inhaler.

The Diagnosis: one very bad chest and a nasty cough clinging on for the ride. Cure: lots and lots of mummy and Daddy cuddles with a bit of medicine along the way… With some sleepless nights thrown in there especially for mummy and daddy.



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