Ladies that Lunch

Who needs to go on a night out to have fun? Not me..

Who needs lots of alcohol to have a good time? Not me..

Who needs to feel rubbish the next morning because I am such a lightweight? Not me…

Who wants to wake up the next morning feeling fresh as a daisy with the little man plotting his next act of mischief? This would definitely be me 🙂

How I hear you ask?

The week after next will mark the birthday of one of my lovely ladies. And to celebrate this wonderful occasion we shall be attending Afternoon Tea in town. What better way to spend quality time with friends at the same time as pretending to be posh.

I love little dinner dates like this, it means that we can all have a brilliant time and catch up on what we have been doing to keep ourselves out of trouble (or getting into) since our last little outing. And it also means I get to have my coffee fix too, with mini cakes. Yes, Mini cakes are allowed as they are smaller on the eye and it is a celebration after all 😉

I am still unsure what to wear for this occasion. I am sure keeping it simple with some accessories should do the trick and maybe add a little bit of makeup so I look like I have made the effort and look a little less mummsy.

I’m a bit excited that I get to pretend to be a lady of leisure for one afternoon with my lovely’s. I’m sure One day that massive night out will arrive, I just don’t think I am ready for that wild experience just yet. Maybe when the little man is about 10 or at least staying over at his grandparents house so that I can recover properly.



I would love to hear your comments and I do read them all.

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