Quite a few years ago I could quite easily walk into any shop and pick up and item of clothing and buy it there and then without having to try said item on.

My how the years have changed. Once a size 8 with only my bum as a curve to my figure I could get away with wearing anything. And that I did, some very horrendous looking pictures are hidden in my house somewhere.

Being quite content in my relationship with the big man, It didn’t take long for all those weekend takeaways and lying in bed watching movies to catch up with me. Within a 6 month period I had gained just over 3 stone (this was mainly due to my pill as I suffered with quite bad acne.. Some of us have all the luck don’t we) 😉

My weight then began to yo-yo up and down for a number of years. I carried it well at first, bigger hips and boobs. I just assumed I was becoming more womanly.

After 4-5 years of constantly changing dress sizes I decided to take up pole dancing with one of my friends. It was amazing. Admittedly I did look like I had been in a lot of fights as the bruising can be quite bad but I loved the energy I was getting from it and the change to my body. I also started weight watchers and lost 2 1/2 stone.

Shortly after we were given some very exciting news.. Me and the big man were going to be having a baby 🙂
So the pole dancing stopped without a seconds thought and I blossomed into my pregnacy with ease.

I had no morning sickness and loved being pregnant. I loved the way my body was changing and loved nothing more than to show off my baby bump at any given opportunity. I didn’t really mind the weight that I was putting on as I assumed once my little man was here there would be plenty of time to exercise.

My craving wasn’t exactly a healthy craving. All I wanted was mince pies all the time. Family and friends were even bringing them around to my house for me and my mum and dad stocked up on them for me too.

Needless to say the weight piled on and to top it off I developed really bad water retention, my nose doubled in size and I didn’t look like me anymore. It’s definitely not how they make it look in the movies is it?

Due to some major complications with my labour I had to have an emergency caesarean to get the little man out safely. This has then caused me some problems getting my belly back to normal. I don’t mind my wobble as that was my boys home I’d just like it to be a little firmer in places so my clothes will eventually fit properly or as best as they can.

This is why I have joined @angeline1611’s linky #fitnessfanaticfriday. It’s a place where everyone can boost each other on in there weight loss/healthier lifestyle goals. My mission at the moment is to continue with my pilates and take up running.

Head on over and have a look, why not join in the fun while you are over there.
See you all Friday 🙂



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