Temper temper.

Our Saturdays normally consist of a glorious lie-in until about 10.30 followed by a lazy day with a few Disney films thrown in along the way.

(And I am most likely to be found in my pyjama’s for the remainder of the day)

However today me and the little man went out on our travels to do my friends and her mummy’s hair. My friends nephew was also going to be there so the little man would have a friend to play with for the day 🙂

I was very kindly picked up just before twelve and Jacob got in some sight seeing along the way in the big taxi. All was going swimmingly when we arrived. The boys were playing nicely with toys and making some lovely pictures. I thought to myself ‘‘oh he’s being such a good boy’

This however was due to change quite quickly. No sooner had I taken a sip of my coffee and whipped out the scissors, my baby turned into the devil. He had clearly made up his mind that he didn’t want to play nice anymore and decided instead the best course of action would be to throw everything (and everyone) out of his way and screamed constantly for over 45 minutes.

Nothing would console him, he refused his juice, biscuits and even yogurt (which is his favourite.) He wouldn’t let anybody go near him at all, even me without kicking up a fuss. I put him in his pram to try and settle him and thought he would go to sleep as he looked shattered!! (he had been up since 7.30am which is not like him. He wasn’t best impressed with this idea and sleeping was the last thing on his mind by the looks of things.

My friends dad took the boys for a walk to see the birds and the ducks. By the time they arrived back the little man had returned back to my lovely bubbly baby 🙂

Hello full on terrible twos!!!

Within this time I managed to finish both haircuts and finish my coffee (BONUS)The little man also had his first ice-lolly and as you can see he loved it 🙂



2 thoughts on “Temper temper.

    • Aww thank you 🙂 I’m sure he should have been a girl at times. He’s normally such a good little boy.

      How old is your little one? They’re wonderful aren’t they little monsters lol.

      Thank you very much for the nomination that’s very sweet of you.
      Of course I would love to join In 🙂 I shall check out the link now


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