Let’s make a home..

So far this year we have been slowly but surely turning our little house into the perfect family home for us to share with the little man.


Whenever you move into a new house, its always a work in progress. There is always some kind of work that needs carrying out or some particular feature that must be changed.

Normally we would have painted and rushed along with the odd jobs that needed doing, but seeing as we don’t have any plans to move anytime soon, we thought, instead of making do and just changing a few parts we would take our time and make it OURS.


It has definitely taken some time, but now.. Finally after so long the place is starting to look like home. The big man obviously takes all the credit though, as I am absolutely diabolical when it comes to DIY!! Not only has he laid down all new flooring, he has made me a wonderful breakfast bar too. I’m quite lucky to have a handy man around the house 🙂

Our carpet has arrived and has finally been fitted into place and our bedroom now feels like a bedroom instead of a dumping ground. I have a few finishing touches to add (that’s where I come in, I love nothing more than to scatter my possessions, mainly candles about the place and make things look pretty) and then we can sit back and enjoy our lovely family home.

I have seen a lot of wall art around and I am currently deciding what to choose for our bedroom. The little man is going to be having a feature wall made up of all his favourite characters. Fortunately he has an extremely talented auntie who will be doing this for him. I can’t for her to get started on it 🙂



I would love to hear your comments and I do read them all.

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