#fitnessfanaticfridays week 3

MY goals for this week were:

~ Continue my C25K 3x a week
~ Drink more Water
~ Take the stairs at work
~ Find a dress

Goals achieved this week:

~ Drink more water
~ Find a dress

I havent been able to keep up with my goals this week as much as I would have liked due to my body deciding to put up a fight when I started my C25K challenge. All was going well in my little bubble until I came down with… Yes you guessed it MAN FLU!!!

I say MAN FLU as normally when I get a cold I am able to get on with my day to day activities – but not this time. I actually sounded like the big man,whinging and moping around the house telling anyone who would listen how poorly I was and as much as I didnt want to I couldnt help but feel extremely sorry for my self.

I have gone through gallons of water though so I suppose that is a plus. My food intake hasn’t been that great as my smell and taste senses have all but vanished… No doubt as soon as they return I will be craving the naughties.

Oh… And I found the perfect dress too 🙂

I have decided not to weigh myself this week, purely on the basis I have not been well and the result would not be a true reflection of my efforts.

Next week I should hopefully be feeling much better and will be back running again.

I have decided that this sunday is not going to count, as being ‘Fairy Godmother’ I can eat and drink as much as I like on this special day!!

Cant wait to see how you have all done this week.

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One thought on “#fitnessfanaticfridays week 3

  1. well done on achieving two of your goals! sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell 😦 Hope that you get back into the running next week, it may make you feel better:) Also enjoy your time off of work 🙂

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