Nan I miss you most..

I miss you most at night-time
as my eyes are tired and weary,
I love to remember when I was young
as I can picture you and me clearly.

Back when I was little
You put my hair in rags,
You always kept me smiling
even when I was feeling sad.

You came to every Sports Day
nothing ever seemed to much,
I miss your words of wisdom
and your brilliant perfect hugs.

You loved me through the good times
and surprisingly through the bad,
You were by far the perfect Grandma
and I so wish I could have you back.

You managed to meet my little man
if only for a short time,
I knew he would have loved you,
I’m extremely grateful you were in my life.

I miss you most when I am alone
when my thoughts tend to wonder,
As I pick up the phone to tell you my news
I stop and remember, I only wish you could have been here longer.

Prose for Thought

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17 thoughts on “Nan I miss you most..

  1. That is really beautiful, made me cry just a little bit. The relationship with grandparents can be so special.

  2. This is lovely. I lost my Gran almost exactly a year ago and I miss her too. Your nan would love to know you are thinking and writing of her. I hope somehow she does x

    • She met him only twice but I am so glad she did.

      I always took pictures of Jacob with everyone all the time.. And for some reason I never got one of them together

      Have you posted it? If so I would love to have a read 🙂


  3. What a lovely tribute. Your nan sounds amazing. As Sarah said the relationships with grandparents is so special. I wrote a poem about my grandad not long ago. Poetry can really help at times like this when we miss them so much xx

  4. I absolutely love this. I had exactly the same relationship with my Grandad and my OH marvels at how close I was to him, especially when, everytime I hear it, I cry at ‘Tears in Heaven’ by Eric Clapton as it was played at his funeral. I am certain that our Grandparents are up there watching everyday and I try my best to make him proud. Thank you for linking this lovely poem up to Prose for Thought xxx

  5. It’s so hard that we seem to lose them just as we want to introduce them to our children. My Grandma died just after my son was born and never got to meet him, and my Grandad died just after my daughter was born and never got to meet her.

  6. I also had a Granny that meant so much. You have done you nan proud writing this. A lot of what u say rings bells for me, as Gran only knew Esme for such a short time and Fia while she was in my belly for all but 4 months. It breaks my heart that my girls will never know her growing up. I’ve written a post – an ode to my Grandma – which sits in draft currently. I’ll let u know when I share it… thanks again for this, and the nudge that nana’s rocked (metaphorically too) in so many ways!

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