A lil’ bit about me…

                                                                     About me:

I’m Steph. I share my life with two very special boys. My big man and my little man.
I’m extremely proud to have the privilege of having such a huge part in both of their lives.

My Loves 

~Family Time

I work Full time and spend an hour and a half travelling to and from work everyday so I am away from home for the best part of 12 hours Monday to Friday. When home time arrives I can’t wait to get home and spend time with my boys until bedtime arrives.


I love the feeling of being in comfy clothes. I have had a lot of surgery on my back area and along with my c-section I have a lot of scar tissue. There is nothing worse for me when clothes rub them so I love my baggy slouches when I am in the house.


The big man says I can come across as rude whilst I am reading. My head is always in a book. To me this is perfect for him as he gets as much uninterrupted XBox time. There is nothing more relaxing than loosing yourself in a good story.


Coffee has always been in my life. Ever since I was a teenager I would love to have a coffee. I DID and still DO need a strong cup of the good stuff to function first thing in a morning otherwise I can be extremely grouchy.

I love to meet new people. Please feel free to pop by and say hello 🙂

I am PR Friendly and you can contact me via email: funkymamma10@yahoo.co.uk or tweet me @funkymamma10


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