Biting the bullet again.

Yes it is true…

As of Tuesday I will be wobbling all the way to Slimming World.

I have followed Slimming World in the past, by my little old self from home and I lost just short of 2 stone in 6 weeks…

I was amazed by the results, but LIFE happens and sometimes we go way off track.

What can I say? I love being bad when it comes to food and I thought that’s what SYNS were for.

A couple of my friends from work have been attending the classes so I thought I would join in on the fun and sign up at a class too.

My theory being that because ‘LIFE happens’ whenever we feel the need to go off track we will have each other to lean on and keep going.

I’m quite excited about this little adventure, and even more so about swapping recipe ideas.

Wish me luck and hopefully I shall start to reap the benefits along with my running and Pilates in the very near future.


#fitnessfanaticfridays week 3

MY goals for this week were:

~ Continue my C25K 3x a week
~ Drink more Water
~ Take the stairs at work
~ Find a dress

Goals achieved this week:

~ Drink more water
~ Find a dress

I havent been able to keep up with my goals this week as much as I would have liked due to my body deciding to put up a fight when I started my C25K challenge. All was going well in my little bubble until I came down with… Yes you guessed it MAN FLU!!!

I say MAN FLU as normally when I get a cold I am able to get on with my day to day activities – but not this time. I actually sounded like the big man,whinging and moping around the house telling anyone who would listen how poorly I was and as much as I didnt want to I couldnt help but feel extremely sorry for my self.

I have gone through gallons of water though so I suppose that is a plus. My food intake hasn’t been that great as my smell and taste senses have all but vanished… No doubt as soon as they return I will be craving the naughties.

Oh… And I found the perfect dress too 🙂

I have decided not to weigh myself this week, purely on the basis I have not been well and the result would not be a true reflection of my efforts.

Next week I should hopefully be feeling much better and will be back running again.

I have decided that this sunday is not going to count, as being ‘Fairy Godmother’ I can eat and drink as much as I like on this special day!!

Cant wait to see how you have all done this week.

A Summer Full Of Peaches: Blogger Link Up Fitness Fanatic Fridays

Shake that wobble..

Most of you will know that I have started to shake my wobble and tone up a little bit.. Or maybe a lot. I mean, Cesarean sections definitely leave a little to much hanging around afterwards don’t they?

So I developed a whole lot of courage and decided to start running a few weeks back. I was so excited. I even went as far as planning what nights I would run, making sure it didn’t clash with my Pilates… go me, how organised!!

I was all geared up ready for my run, dressed in my new workout clothes, iPhone in hand, with all my wonderful thought out power Ballard’s that I had created on a playlist for the occasion…

It was not to be, it was as if my alter ego couldn’t possibly stand the thought of being seen running through the streets resembling a teletubby.

My headphones wouldn’t work!!!

I couldn’t do it.. I couldn’t bring myself to go out running without some music. I knew that if I were to go out on a run, I would have just walked (again my will power is ridiculously weak!!) I even searched the house upside down for the big mans headphones. That’s how excited I had become, I was quite gutted actually and took a moment to feel sorry for my little old wobbly self.

At least if I had my headphones in I would be able to concentrate on my music rather than watching the people staring at me that wouldn’t actually be staring at me.

It’s such a scary thought going for a run all alone!

I decided that I would purchase some new headphones as soon as possible. I didn’t want to put my running mission off, I know me and I know that if I didn’t act quick I would lose all interest in running all together and I couldn’t let that happen.

Before I went to buy some new headphones the big man found his.. I got a little bit excited that I could go running sooner rather than later. BUT, they didn’t work either. My poor phone was broke, 16 days after my warranty had run out would you believe!!

I couldn’t believe it, I clearly wasn’t destined to run at all. I even tried some of my friend’s headphones just incase the big mans were faulty, again I had the same outcome…

My phone no longer loved me.

Still not happy that my phone was not playing nice and affecting my plans, I decided to play Sherlock. After numerous forums it seemed that this problem was quite common. So I took it upon myself to reset my phone (after backing up all my precious pictures and video’s of the little man)… It worked, my phone decided to play nice and loved me once again 🙂

I was so happy, that within half an hour I was dressed in my new workout clothes and headed out the door on my first run in a good few years.

I had my music blaring as I let the world pass me by. The best bit about it all? I got to shake my wobble looking like a teletubby without a care in the world.

I can’t wait for my next run on Monday. Hopefully I’m not in too much pain tomorrow.

And to my wonderful headphones, I love you more than you will ever know 😉



#fitnessfanaticfridays week 2

Week 2 has come around fast…

I can’t believe we are into the second week already. I have been so busy all week that it only dawned on me last night that its the big weigh in for me today 😮

I haven’t exercised as much as I should have this week, but I have tried to be good with my food choices.

At work I have still opted for the soup as its very filling and it doesn’t tend to bloat me throughout the day. On hungrier days I normally grab a whole meal roll to give me that extra fill for the rest of the day.

I really must start getting into the habit of eating breakfast too. I find I get obscenely hungry throughout the day if I eat breakfast though. Does anyone else have this problem? maybe it will pass in time when my body becomes used to being force fed food as soon as its on the move.

Over the weekend I am going to put together a meal plan for the week ahead. This will then hopefully keep me organised throughout the week and I can prevent the naughty treats a little more 🙂

Once I have purchased my ingredients online (I can’t imagine purposely ruining my weekend by rushing around in a packed out Asda) I can decide what we are having and when.

So this past weeks efforts have led me to lose a total 2LBS!! I’m very impressed with this considering my exercise was lacking somewhat this week.

I will check on my inches tonight and add them next week (scary!!!) to see if there has been a difference.

How did you do this week? I’d love to hear what you have been doing for #fitnessfanaticfriday 🙂


A Summer Full Of Peaches: Blogger Link Up Fitness Fanatic Fridays

#Fitnessfanaticfridays week 1

For those of you who read my blog often, you will know how horrendous I have been at sticking to my weightloss goals. (For those of you that haven’t.. come back more often lol) Its actually really shocking how little willpower I have when it comes to toning up and losing some weight. I normally get all geared up and raring to go for the first couple of weeks and the slowly but surely it gets less and less and then Bang… all is forgotten and Im back to my bad snacking ways.

Last week I got the kick up the bum that I very much needed to kickstart me back onto my weighloss mission. I aim to take up my running again AND stick to it this time and also add some Pilates sessions in there aswell. GO me… I can feel the pain already.

I have Joined the Linky #FitnessFanaticFridays. This is a place where people are all aiming to achieve their own goals and at their own pace.It will be nice to share tips with each other and also to support each other when our weeks don’t seem to be going as planned. Here are my changes that included in my day to day lifestyle this past week.


I’m not going to lie, I am a massive food lover. To cut out my favourites would result in a massive fail for me so that a definate NO NO. So instead I have decided to make some changed to my day to day routine:


I normally don’t tend to eat breakfast.. I know, I know its the most important meal of the day. But with me if I eat breakfast it normally makes me hungry for the rest of the day. This week though I have either been having porridge or a special K bar with some fruit (quite often apple’s as we have an unlimited supply at work)


Usually I would normally grab something quick on the way to work, a ready made sandwitch or a pasta salad along with a packet of crisps if I was peckish. Recently though I have been opting for Soup instead with a wholemeal roll. Depending how I feel I sometime get a clean (no added mayo) salad to fill me up some more.


This is normally what ever the big man makes but recently he has been using recipes from one of my favourite recipe site www.minimins.com.

  and he has even been changing the cooking oil to a low cal cooking spray 🙂


Normally a trip the vending machine would be my first port of call for a snack, however this week I have mainly been snacking on pepper and celery sticks (I’m good aren’t I?)


I walk ALOT. I don’t own a car so if I need to get somewhere I tend to walk if its within a 2-3 mile radius. This week though I have been quitting the lifts at work and tackling the stairs… Five flights each time.
And ohh does it burn. They do say you can tell if it is working if you can feel it so I guess there is a light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

I will be weighing myself tomorrow and taking my measurements. I will keep a track of these so I can look back on my good weeks. This will hopefully keep me motivated to carry on when things start to slow down.

What have you done this week? Please feel free to add some of your tips from this week.

Bring on next week and happy #fitnessfanaticfriday 🙂




Quite a few years ago I could quite easily walk into any shop and pick up and item of clothing and buy it there and then without having to try said item on.

My how the years have changed. Once a size 8 with only my bum as a curve to my figure I could get away with wearing anything. And that I did, some very horrendous looking pictures are hidden in my house somewhere.

Being quite content in my relationship with the big man, It didn’t take long for all those weekend takeaways and lying in bed watching movies to catch up with me. Within a 6 month period I had gained just over 3 stone (this was mainly due to my pill as I suffered with quite bad acne.. Some of us have all the luck don’t we) 😉

My weight then began to yo-yo up and down for a number of years. I carried it well at first, bigger hips and boobs. I just assumed I was becoming more womanly.

After 4-5 years of constantly changing dress sizes I decided to take up pole dancing with one of my friends. It was amazing. Admittedly I did look like I had been in a lot of fights as the bruising can be quite bad but I loved the energy I was getting from it and the change to my body. I also started weight watchers and lost 2 1/2 stone.

Shortly after we were given some very exciting news.. Me and the big man were going to be having a baby 🙂
So the pole dancing stopped without a seconds thought and I blossomed into my pregnacy with ease.

I had no morning sickness and loved being pregnant. I loved the way my body was changing and loved nothing more than to show off my baby bump at any given opportunity. I didn’t really mind the weight that I was putting on as I assumed once my little man was here there would be plenty of time to exercise.

My craving wasn’t exactly a healthy craving. All I wanted was mince pies all the time. Family and friends were even bringing them around to my house for me and my mum and dad stocked up on them for me too.

Needless to say the weight piled on and to top it off I developed really bad water retention, my nose doubled in size and I didn’t look like me anymore. It’s definitely not how they make it look in the movies is it?

Due to some major complications with my labour I had to have an emergency caesarean to get the little man out safely. This has then caused me some problems getting my belly back to normal. I don’t mind my wobble as that was my boys home I’d just like it to be a little firmer in places so my clothes will eventually fit properly or as best as they can.

This is why I have joined @angeline1611’s linky #fitnessfanaticfriday. It’s a place where everyone can boost each other on in there weight loss/healthier lifestyle goals. My mission at the moment is to continue with my pilates and take up running.

Head on over and have a look, why not join in the fun while you are over there.
See you all Friday 🙂