Hello Fairy Godmother

Yesterday marked the day of my Godson’s christening.

I woke up extra early just to make sure there were no last-minute things to do, living with two boys you can imagine something would need re-ironing or their shoes would have gone missing in the middle of the night. I was pleasantly surprised when nothing needed doing at all so I took this wonderful opportunity to leave the boys in bed a little bit longer and settled down with a glorious cup of coffee.

At about 9.45am I decided to wake the lazy ones 🙂 I was all ready by this point, minus the rollers in my hair (Looking very Glam might I add lol!!)

The boy’s were ready in no time and before we knew it, lunchtime had arrived and we had to hit the road – after making a pit stop to McDonald’s for the little man to keep him going before the service.

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit worried to how the little man would act in the church. He has never really liked much fuss and sometimes when there are a lot of people around, especially ones he doesn’t know it can be a bit overwhelming for him. He did great though, not a single cry out of him 🙂

My little Godson did brilliantly too, smiling all the way through the service, even when it came to the water. He looked so cute in his little romper suit too, My bestest (his mummy) looked beautiful as always, seriously she doesn’t even look like she has had a baby 7 months ago.

The after party was located at a lovely golf club surrounded by fantastic scenery, and it was perfect for the little ones to run around and play. The little man caught the attention of a few little girls and before the day was out they were trading dummies and mummy’s bracelets.

Parents take note: it mustn’t be done with rings these days!!!

It was lovely catching up with old friends from school, some me and the Big man haven’t seen for years. It’s great how you can just pick up from where you last left off with them.

Most importantly I am extremely proud to have been given the privilege of being Fairy Godmother to such a beautiful little boy.

My little man was having a fantastic time, but it will be a long way off before he is allowed to date any of those lovely little ladies and I am sure their parents feel the same too. We had a lovely time celebrating this very special occasion an I look forward to many many more 🙂

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Three Week Countdown…

I have three whole weeks remaining in order to locate a perfect dress for my Fairy God-motherly duties.

Please someone help me!!

My Weight-loss mission hasn’t gone to plan in the slightest. I still have a long way to go before I am 100% happy with my Post wobble, However I have been informed that a pair of spanx should do the trick nicely. 🙂

Me and the Spanx don’t seem to get on very well. Not that I haven’t tried my best. I mean I bought the lovely all in one thinking that it would at least help me out in the ‘you will look pretty in a dress wearing me’ department. I must have done something to seriously offend my lovely spanx as not only does it refuse to play nice at squeezing me into a lovely shape like its supposed to, they also seem to have taken major offence to my thighs and wont budge without a whole mission of tug of war.

I’m also a little unsure of what style to buy, I am thinking of purchasing a mid-length floaty summer dress, maybe with added detail at the top to draw attention away from my middle section. I aim to dedicate my weekend next week finding my perfect dress.

Once this little problem has been settled I then need to purchase some shoes and a clutch to match my dress, arrange to have my hair re-styled with some fresh highlights added as its (supposed to be) getting warmer, and finally a spray tan. All of this business doesn’t even include getting the big man and little man’s stuff sorted for the day either.

If this isn’t proof that a woman’s work is never complete then I don’t think I will ever know what is.

If anyone has any great ideas or the best places for these kind of dresses please feel free to let me know.

Xx ❤ xX