The A-Z of my little family 4/26


D is for Dummy…

Back when you were born
your suction skills weren’t great,
Mummy and daddy were worried
as you only weighed 5lb 8

The nurses whipped you off
all the way to speacial care,
I needed to know what was wrong
and I found waiting so unfair

Finally when I could move
your Daddy wheeled me down,
You lay there sleeping in your cot
with the most cutest perfect frown

You looked so small but perfect
and oh so edibly scrummy,
What made you even cuter
was the size of your first dummy

Because you were so small,
It covered most of your face,
Mummy and daddy have kept it
To remind us of this perfect time and place.


Nan I miss you most..

I miss you most at night-time
as my eyes are tired and weary,
I love to remember when I was young
as I can picture you and me clearly.

Back when I was little
You put my hair in rags,
You always kept me smiling
even when I was feeling sad.

You came to every Sports Day
nothing ever seemed to much,
I miss your words of wisdom
and your brilliant perfect hugs.

You loved me through the good times
and surprisingly through the bad,
You were by far the perfect Grandma
and I so wish I could have you back.

You managed to meet my little man
if only for a short time,
I knew he would have loved you,
I’m extremely grateful you were in my life.

I miss you most when I am alone
when my thoughts tend to wonder,
As I pick up the phone to tell you my news
I stop and remember, I only wish you could have been here longer.

Prose for Thought

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Summer is here..

What glorious weather we have been having recently. I don’t want to jinx it but we can all agree that it doesn’t last for long.

So seeing as this is my week off from work, and it has landed on such a fabulous week, me and the big man decided to make the most of it.

We had planned to take the little man to the park yesterday but as it was so hot we decided against the idea.
He’s extremely pale like me and his daddy and I’m a bit wary of him being out in the sun.

We decided on our food shop instead and mainly bought picnic sets and some outdoor toys for the little man, now that its nicer outside he loves playing in the back garden, also giving him a healthy dose of fresh air too ๐Ÿ™‚

Today however we made the trip to the park. Complete with a perfect picnic made by daddy. It was very yummy ๐Ÿ™‚ We brought lots of toys too to play with, from the little mans favourite ball to his bowling set.

Once we plastered him in factor 50 we were on our way. We stopped off to see the ducks by the river before finding a Perfect shady spot to have our picnic.

The little man had other ideas though, he wanted to get straight on the swings. The park was relatively peaceful as all the children were at school and this gave the little man and his cousin free reign of the place.

We finished off with a game of football. Daddy was definitely down with the kids during the game. They absolutely loved it.


Tomorrow we have a date with my bestest and my Godson, I will be getting cuddles all morning.
I shall also be making a visit to my nephew/eldest Godson who will be the big 8 in the morning… It doesn’t feel that long ago i was sat in the audience of Jerry springer whilst my sister was in labour.. Yes I am starting to feel old ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you are all enjoying the weather this week too ๐Ÿ™‚



Day out with my boys

What a perfect family day…

I am sure you are all aware of how much I love family days with my two boys and today was no exception.

We started our day quite early, all three of us up, dressed and leaving the house at 10.45am. (the little man still woke earlier than normal even though we had a restless night – finally falling asleep at 4am)

The first stop was to purchase the boys’ outfits for my ‘soon-to-be’ godson’s christening on Sunday. Why are men so quick when it comes to shopping? The first shop we went to, both of them had full outfits for the day!!

Me on the other hand couldn’t find anything that I liked or that fitted right. I must have picked up about 20 different dresses but none seemed to fall properly at all.

Soon it was time to stop for lunch, so we settled down In the glorious sunshine for a bite to eat and to restore our energy levels.

Then it was back into the ‘dress hunt’ again. I was adamant that I would find one. I had no choice really.. I knew what style I was after but the shops must have been having a ‘lets just sell to skinnie-Minnie’s’ week or month!!!

The only shop left that I could think of was one of the oldest shops around in our local shopping centre – where I used to spend my pocket money when I was younger, so I didn’t hold much hope..

(what harm can it do? At least I can say I have looked!!)

And there it was, my perfect dress right in front of my eyes sparkling ever so brightly as if luring me to buy it.
I’m not going to lie, I got a little bit excited and did a pretty little twirl right there in the changing room as soon as i saw how it looked once on.

I told the big man firmly,Forget the price tag, my feet are killing and it’s coming home with me, no questions!!


I couldn’t resist picking out my accessories now that I had ‘THE DRESS’ ๐Ÿ™‚

After four hours of waking, searching every shop possible and gasping for a coffee, we headed back home.

We stopped of at the local barbers and the big man and little man were in desperate need of getting there mops chopped!!


All of my little boy’s curls have gone.. His beautiful ginger curls. He looks so much more grown up now and even more like his daddy ๐Ÿ™‚

Mummy thinks next time she will be In charge and will keep it a little bit longer on the top ๐Ÿ™‚

What a perfect family day..


The A-Z of my little family 3/26


C is for Cranky…

Cranky is your cuddley friend,
he is with you all the time
Cranky needs to have a wash,
but you think he smells just fine

Cranky has two brothers,
you like to have all three
You keep them close together,
sometimes hidden between your knees

Cranky is your cuddley friend,
he keeps you snug and warm
Cranky has been with you all the time,
ever since we brought you home.

Cranky is also very cheeky,
apparently just the same as you
If something spills or falls on the floor,
cranky is to blame too

Cranky keeps you happy,
you cuddle him when you’re sad
Cranky is your cuddley friend,
but he still smells pretty bad.



Let’s make a home..

So far this year we have been slowly but surely turning our little house into the perfect family home for us to share with the little man.


Whenever you move into a new house, its always a work in progress. There is always some kind of work that needs carrying out or some particular feature that must be changed.

Normally we would have painted and rushed along with the odd jobs that needed doing, but seeing as we don’t have any plans to move anytime soon, we thought, instead of making do and just changing a few parts we would take our time and make it OURS.


It has definitely taken some time, but now.. Finally after so long the place is starting to look like home. The big man obviously takes all the credit though, as I am absolutely diabolical when it comes to DIY!! Not only has he laid down all new flooring, he has made me a wonderful breakfast bar too. I’m quite lucky to have a handy man around the house ๐Ÿ™‚

Our carpet has arrived and has finally been fitted into place and our bedroom now feels like a bedroom instead of a dumping ground. I have a few finishing touches to add (that’s where I come in, I love nothing more than to scatter my possessions, mainly candles about the place and make things look pretty) and then we can sit back and enjoy our lovely family home.

I have seen a lot of wall art around and I am currently deciding what to choose for our bedroom. The little man is going to be having a feature wall made up of all his favourite characters. Fortunately he has an extremely talented auntie who will be doing this for him. I can’t for her to get started on it ๐Ÿ™‚



Welcome to the world little man.

I loved being pregnant. I was always showing off my baby bump at any given oportunity. I would always have a protective hand over my bump too, even without knowing it. I loved the way my body changed and blossomed around my pregnancy.

When I was expecting the little man, I was a little bit obsessed with reading up on everything baby and bump related. I’m sure most of you, if not all of you can relate to this. I had a vast collection of apps on my iPod and checked all of my updates religiously on a daily basis. As soon as I had read something new I would chew the big mans ears off for hours.

I even went as far as having three or more baths a day just so I could pour water on my belly to watch the little man wriggle about ๐Ÿ™‚

Because my pregnancy went so smoothly (yes, I was one of the lucky few that suffered with zero morning sickness for a whole 9 months!) I expected my labour to go just as well too.

When my due date of 02-03-11 arrived I sat waiting patiently for the contractions to start. Nothing happened. I tried every trick in the book, raspberry leaf tea, chunks of fresh pineapple and even hot Curry’s to see if this would help the little man on his journey.

The little man was obviously very content in there and didn’t want to come out. Finally on 05-03-11 at 8.30pm I started to get little twinges every now and again. I was so excited at the thought that my baby would be arriving into the world at anytime, I had my mum and dad on standby to take us to the hospital when things progressed further.

My contractions got stronger and stronger over the next few hours so we called the hospital but we were told as I didn’t sound like I was labour there was no need for us to come in. My contractions continued, worsened and came and went faster and faster for the next 3 days but the hospital still told me to take a bath and have a paracetamol. Did paracetamol work for anyone? It definitely did nothing for me.

Now me being a first time mummy, I thought this was normal. Obviously if fully trained midwives are telling you everything is fine and you don’t need to come to the hospital you automatically believe them and listen to what they have to say as they are fully trained in this area of expertise.

That night the big man decided enough was enough and called the ward to tell them we were coming up to the delivery suit shortly. My mum and dad arrived to take us and by this point I was absolutely exhausted.

I was admitted to the delivery suit no questions asked. Before I knew it I was hooked up to a heart monitor to check how the little man was doing. Straight from the off it wasn’t good. With each contraction the little mans heartbeat was dropping from 135 to below 50. I was still only 3 cm, but my contractions were showing that I should have been in the last stages of labour.

Six agonising hours later the surgeon decided that an emergency c-section was necessary and they whipped me off down to theatre. I remember kicking up a fuss stating that I wasn’t to be put to sleep under no circumstances so that the big man could be there to see our baby boy being born. All of this was in vain though, because as soon as that epidural kicked in I was out for the count, snoring away on the operating table, much to the aneasthetists’ amusement.

Every now and then I would come back around to see the big man whispering ‘you’ll be ok, I love you etc.’ As much as I knew he meant it I think he was saying it more to calm himself than anything else. With Adele’s Make you feel my love playing in the background our little bundle of joy was brought into the world on 10-03-11 @3:41am.

I couldn’t believe he was here. My little baby boy. Finally after 5 days of trying to escape he was here. Weighing in at 5lbs 8oz he was quite small. You could see where he had lost his weight as his skin was hanging from him in places where you could tell he was quite chunky before he lost his ‘brown fats’

There was a lot of complications following his birth, he needed to be treated in special care for two weeks for meningitis. Fortunately everything has turned out ok. He is a perfectly healthy little boy with an amazing cheeky personality and he never fails to make me proud on a day-to-day basis.

My proudest and most magic moment was bringing my little angel into the world. As soon as he was born I told the big man I would happily do it all over again in heartbeat. However he is still waiting for me to say when ๐Ÿ™‚

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