The A-Z of my little Family


A is for ALWAYS…

I will love you Always
I will watch you grow,
I will try to guide you
and show you what I know

I will trust you Always
your secrets I will keep,
I love to tuck you in at night
and cuddle you while you sleep

I will need you Always
You make my world complete,
you’re such a little clever boy
and a pleasure to everyone you meet

I will love you Always
my wonderful little man,
I cherish the days we have together
let’s make all the memories that we can

You have always been so special
so happy and a Joy,
I couldn’t be any prouder
to call you our special boy


B is for BOYS

Mummy’s special boys
you fill my life with love
my little one and my big one
I wish you knew how much

You spend your time together
causing chaos all the time
you’re both extremely cheeky
the perfect partners in crime.

You love to copy Daddy
in everything he does
and if he starts to do something
for you to copy him is a must

I love to sit and watch you both
the closeness that you share
I couldn’t have wished for better boys,
you are by far the perfect pair.



C is for Cranky…

Cranky is your cuddley friend,
he is with you all the time
Cranky needs to have a wash,
but you think he smells just fine

Cranky has two brothers,
you like to have all three
You keep them close together,
sometimes hidden between your knees

Cranky is your cuddley friend,
he keeps you snug and warm
Cranky has been with you all the time,
ever since we brought you home.

Cranky is also very cheeky,
apparently just the same as you
If something spills or falls on the floor,
cranky is to blame too

Cranky keeps you happy,
you cuddle him when you’re sad
Cranky is your cuddley friend,
but he still smells pretty bad.



I would love to hear your comments and I do read them all.

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